About The Creator


My name is Rawda, the creator of Healthy Deliciousness. Creating this blog was inspired by my love and passion for cooking and my journey to health and fitness. I have been enjoying cooking since I was a small fetus! Evenings were the time where I get the chance to shine and showcase my recipes served with mint tea for my aunties and friends. And you can assume that I enjoyed the compliments a lot!
Even though most of my meals where homemade, it was for sure not the healthiest thing you could consume. Consuming loads of fast-digesting carbs and fried food with little veggies is nowhere close to a healthy and balanced diet. The reason is I was very focused on taste rather than how nutritious and balanced the meal is.
At the age of twenty, I made the decision to be more health-conscious and love my body enough to feed it the food it deserves. I started weight lifting and followed a balanced diet consisting of protein, healthy carbs, and fats. The good news is I wasn’t eating bland chicken breast and broccoli everyday.. like hell no! at this point I started experimenting with ingredients and boy since then I ditched all the processed food out there because apparently I no longer find that tasty anymore.

About The Blog

This online space was created for the purpose of sharing healthy and tasty recipes with everyone. Whether you are someone who’s willing to level up your diet game, looking for quick recipes, or simply looking for something to fill you up then feel free to wander in here.

  My recipes are inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. I’m Moroccan so you should expect a variety of Mediterranean inspired recipes that are healthy and bloody delicious! I believe that you can still enjoy any ethnic dish and nourish your body as well! I love helping people and basically sharing what I enjoy and love. I hope my blog will bring you satisfaction, joy, and health!