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Easy Chickpea Salad with Sautéed Onion

 Mushy chickpea salad with sautéed onion and scallion, tuna, and spices. A healthy lunch option or a side dish for your grilled goodies! Salads are my go-to meals when I’m meal prepping and I don’t want to reheat my food every time. Having said that, this salad is a good option when you don’t have […]


Caramelized Turkey Breast Filets ( Meal Prep Option )

 Caramelized turkey breast filets marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, raw honey, and cinnamon. Seasoned with natural spices and fresh herbs. Meal prep friendly, healthy, and super delicious! If you have been around my blog for a while, you may assume that I have a love for sweet and savory recipes. Coming from a Moroccan […]


Swiss Chard Omelet Recipe for Breakfast

 This Swiss chard omelet is delicious and healthy spring breakfast meal made with fresh wild Swiss chard leaves, red onions, fresh parsley and cilantro, and grass fed eggs! Low carb and Keto adaptable. Weight-loss friendly. Spring is around the corner! and while that means enjoying warm weather, soft sunshine, and watching ladybug trying to climb […]

ovearhead shot of peanut apricot energy bars

Peanut and Apricot Energy Bars

 Super crunchy and chewy peanut and apricot energy bars. A delicious, grab and go, breakfast, or snack choice made with real ingredients which makes it a great alternative for store-bought energy bars! I know the first thing I will grape for breakfast or before lunchtime if I was running out of time is an energy […]

Moroccan chicken pie served on a white plate

Moroccan Chicken Pie

 This Moroccan chicken pie is your go-to for a healthy, filling, and super delicious family breakfast or brunch meal! It’s the perfect blend of sweet, savory, and cinnamony flavors. From personal experience, having breakfast that serves good amounts of protein and carbohydrates is key to keep me going during the day. For this reason, I […]

Mediterranean tuna barley salad served in white bowel on a beige marble surface

Mediterranean Barley and Tuna Salad

 Super delicious and healthy Mediterranean barley and tuna salad. High protein, meal prep friendly and super easy to make! A great make-ahead lunch meal or side dish! Are you one of those who feel hungry and unsatisfied as soon as you finish that big bowl of salad? Don’t worry we have all been there. Most […]